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Curious About This New Mountain Bike Park?

Well, everyone else is! The enthusiasm we're seeing about this park is crazy! Folks have heard all about it, but they are ready to see it. So, that's going to happen.

On February 20th, a park preview will be held so local citizens and others can learn more about the park. The Wheelhouse (221 & Russell Street) and the park will be open to see. Humvees will be available at the park to take folks up to see what has been completed.

Since it may be cold, fire pits will be going at the base of the mountain. We'll furnish free hot dogs (you cook them on the fire), drinks, etc.

Please put this on your schedule. It'll be a chance to visit with your neighbors and learn more about Shepherd Mountain Bike Park.

Anyone wanting to take a ride up the mountain will need to register in advance. More information will be coming out on this in the near future.

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