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Shepherd Mountain Bike Park

Ironton's Bike Park is an exciting new downhill park located in the rolling hills of southeast Missouri.  

With trails for different skill levels, combined with great local amenities and attractions, riders can do much more than ride a great park.


"This park kicks butt!  I had a tremendous time.  Best fun I've had during my adult life!  Can't wait until the cross country trails are built so I can bring my family and spend a few days!"

— Aaron B. St.Louis


"No doubt this is the best downhill park in the Midwest.  I'd say it's the best between the Rockies and Smokies!  Had a blast riding and then spent some time at some of the local state parks. Family had a blast.  Can't wait until more trails are built.  While you're at it, build something for riders that want less aggressive challenges.  That'll blow this place up!"

- Jim S.  Terre Haute, IN

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